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Mohamed Smain ABDELMERAIM Mohamed, Smaïn ABDELMERAIM
Biomedical Enginner
  • Age : 35.
  • Nationality : french.

Business unit



Until 07 -2009 : "PHILIPS Healthcare” Suresnes “France”

Position: Field service engineer Patient Monitoring and Cardiac Care
Philips Healthcare PARIS “France”

Skills Gained: installation, maintenance, and training users for patient monitoring devices (monitor, central station, and defibrillators), patient data management and integration in hospital network, cisco and HP network configuration, network architecture, project management and sales.

2008-2009 : 3 month in "Olympus France” Rungis “France”

Position: National Project Manager " O.R. Integration”
Skills Gained: analogue and digital video management (Routing, steaming, recording, viso conference), HL7,DICOM installation and administration, OR system integration.

  • 3 weeks of training in Hamburg « Germany »for Endoalpha product range:

  1. Endoalpha video management VSI "Video system integration":  Video management solution for routing, streaming analogue and digital video with video audio recording, image capturing, and video conference, following Olympus system integration approach.

  2. Endoalpha documentation, Endobase : Solution of documentation (Recording patient documentation, image, video exam, exam report, materiel gestion, statistic…) following the Endoscopy Systems Integration approach.

  3. Endoalpha documentation, Endobase Advanced : HL7 and DICOM concept, with installation and administration.
  • Mission :
  1. Training with technical support for customers and sale engineer.
  2. Implication in projects (quotation, presentation, plan …).


2008: 6 month -in SIEMENS medical solutions

    for a period of 6 months April until the end of September 2008.
    Title Internship : Optimization of performances and services associate to scanners and MRI .
    You are able to find out more information about myself from both my CV and my personal web site.


    2006 : 6 month - "Burger king", Bristol (UK), Cribbs causeway Venue

    Position: Team work
    Skills Gained:
    Communication: I have developed the ability to communicate clearly and competently in English with both customers and colleagues.


    July/august2005 : 8 weeks - Radisson SAS Hotels in Nice, France

    Position: IT manager (information technology)
    Skills Gained: Unix and windows Network, telecom…
    Communication: This job requires me to provide helpful and computing knowledge to customers and colleagues.

    June/October2004 : 3 month - Radisson SAS Hotels in Nice, France
    June/October2003 : 3 month - Radisson SAS Hotels in Nice, France

    Position: maintenance engineer
    Skills Gained: electricity, plumbing and air conditioning.
    Team Working- I have learnt to work with other, integrating well with those around me and seeking assistance where needed.
    Self confidence-Working closely with the public has allowed me to increase my confidence and develop the ability to communicate.

    June/October 2002 : various interim jobs during holidays 

Computer :    Hardware : Good knowledge in the computer architecture, maintenance and Update PCs.
                      Software: UNIX, MSDOS, WINDOWS, MacOS, Linux .
                      Programming: pascal, C, C++, VHDL, working with many softs of electronics and       
                      mathématics as cadence, Matlab, pspice …

Electronic and électrotechnic : Analyse and conception of electrical analogical and digital systems
Good Knowledge in maintenance of electricity, pluping and air conditioning. 


  • Driving licence  category B

LEISURE Reading, music, sport.


more information

2007/2008:Master2 of Genie Biomedical "University of Claude Bernard Lyon1".

Module included: :(700H)

1-OOP&UML :(Object-oriented programming) and UML
2-MAGERIE IV NMR: Nuclear magnetic resonance
3-IMAGERIE III :Ultrasound
4- Biochemistry Method
5- compartimental modelisation
6- LASER and optic
7- Prosthesis and Orthopedic system
8-IMAGERIE V : X ray
9- DSP and real time system
10- GMAO Unix Network « Company  Computerized Maintenance Management System » PACS medical Network
11- (healthcare engineer) : (technical and rules) (-Legislation national et Europeans (national &European law)
·                security in healthcare                                                            ·  administration, management
·                administration, management                                                ·  clinical law
·                communication in company                                                   ·  Work law
·                marketing and market research

2004 /2005 in France : Master1 EEA (Electronic, Electrotechnic et Automatic) University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis.                                                                                             

Modules included : (700H)

1.Automatic in Linear systems and no linear systems (State space, controls),
2.Microelectronic analog: (Physics of semi-conductor, electronic and Microelectronic components
3. Electronic analog and electronic no Linear
4. Signal processing (digital filter, random signal, noise, detection, estimation…)
5. Telecommunications (to code, modulation, analog and digital transmissions)
6. Real time system, and discret systems (Finite state machine, BDD, Petri net, Scheduling…)
7. Digital Microelectronic (CPU design, CUP programming assembleur, RISC « Reduced instruction set computer « and CISC complex instruction set computer (CISC),  conception VLSI - Very-Large-Scale Integration…)
8. Company environment , management, Intellectual property , Standardization ISO 9000….)
9. English and Training in research laboratory “minimisation of digital fonctions  whith bdd”  I3S Sophia-Antipolis Laboratory).
2002/2004 in France :"Bachelor "  Licence EEA (Electronic, Electrotechnic et Automatic) University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis.                                                                                       

Module included   

1- Electrical network, sequential analysis ,                                          6-Electrical engineering
Electromagnetism, Mathematic                                                            7-Control theory
2-Algorithm and digital methods                                                          8-electromagnetic waves
3-digital system                                                                                   9-physique of semi-conductor
4-Electronic filter, Signal processing                                          10-english and project (Image processing,
5-Electronic analog                                                                                        Voicemail, Robotics control)     
2000/2002 in Algéria : 2 years general electronic and computing, University of BLIDA(Algeria)

Current placement

Field Service Engineer

Patient Monitoring & Cardiac Care

PHILIPS Healthcare - Paris France

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